Porsche x PUMA

November 9th, 2020 by

The Porsche legacy is continuing to grow to bigger and better opportunities. The Porsche brand has a very prestigious style and continues to grow its brand in surprising and wonderful ways. We see the Porsche name and logo everywhere we go so, why not wear it? Porsche has collaborated with PUMA sports apparel and shoes to provide “an authentic lifestyle collection that revolves around the fast paced, never quit attitude of a Porsche turbo driver”. For the everyday person who simply loves Porsche. This collection was designed to build confidence just like their cars. Porsche has made it possible for everyone to join in on the extravagance and exclusivity that is the Porsche brand. At Porsche Tacoma, we want everyone to understand the excitement of experiencing a luxury vehicle such as a Porsche. If you are looking for Porsche apparel, come on down to Porsche Tacoma but more specifically, Porsche x PUMA can be found online at: https://us.puma.com/en/us/collections/motorsport/porsche-design#pagesize=72.