Porsche 918 Spyder

February 18th, 2020 by

We’ve definitely got a treat for you today. We will be talking about the incredible machine that is the 918 Spyder. What is there to say about this beast? With an insane horsepower of 887 and a torque of 944lb-ft, this model delivers absolutely stellar performance with a style edge unlike any other. Plus with its combined range of 20 MPG and its hybrid capabilities, what more could you ever ask for? The 918 Spyder came to us all the way back in late 2014 and made waves on the scene. It even beat the record for first series production street legal car to break past the 7 minute mark on the Nürburgring with a time of 6:57! Did I also mention that this came out…as a plug-in hybrid? Yes that’s right, Porsche’s second ever hybrid vehicle following the 2014 Panamera SE. All Wheel Drive also adds a lot to this great driving experience.

Now that we have gushed over this beautiful thing of excellence, let’s talk pricing shall we? For this manufactured genius, you will have shell out a pretty penny, close to $950k. Although the price tag may be high, you are getting a machine like no other that is capable of so much more than meets the eye and meets way more than what’s on the surface! You would not regret getting your hands on this immaculate prize of manufacturing if you get the chance. In your search for a great Porsche such as the 918 Spyder, you can check out what we have got at the beautiful Porsche Tacoma Showroom in the heart of Fife! Come see why we are ranked at the top of our game for Dealership Experience!