Porsche 911 RSR Racing Car

August 28th, 2019 by

Revealed in early July, the new and improved 911 RSR comes to us as a revamped and hardcore version of the 991.2 GT3 RS, and it is said that this model will easily defend its top spot as the title holder of the FIA World Endurance Champion. This new RSR follow closely in the preceding 991 RSR’s footpath but has gone through a lot of improvements in hopes of surpassing the success of its sibling in the FIA World Championship. Pascal Zurlinden has said that the new RSR is 95% new, and the only things that were kept were the headlights, brake system, clutch, driver’s seat, and parts of the suspension.

The engine powering the new RSR is an upgraded version of the 991.2’s six-cylinder boxer engine and is capable of outputting 515HP. As this model is not created for public roads and just strictly for racing, it will have its first race on September 1st of this year at the first round and season opening of the FIA WEC at Silverstone! We are hoping for a win so that Porsche can defend its reign over the FIA and beat the rest of the competition out of the water! Keep up to date here at Porsche of Tacoma for all of your FIA updates and news

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