Porsche 911 Carrera 4S vs. BMW M4 CS

September 11th, 2019 by

The battle of the brands, the fight for the top luxury spot. We have BMW and we have Porsche, which one will claw its way to the top, and which one will fizzle and fall. Today we are talking about the Porsche 911 Carrera 4S and the BMW M4 CS Coupe, and we are going to see which one comes out as the victor in this fight. Let’s get into it.

Just by looking at the 2 models, you can tell that the Carrera is smaller in many aspects. The Carrera was not built to carry or store things thus there is justification for its cargo volume of 4.6cuft but, the M4 CS has almost triple the cargo volume at 11cuft of space which may be a top reason you would go with the BMW over the Porsche, but I can assure you that the Porsche has much more to offer when we look at some of the different aspects including fuel economy and performance under the hood.

As it seems now, the Porsche is more for our risk takers, our daredevils if you will, while our BMW is more family oriented in a way. With the increased length, height and wheelbase, you are going to have more room for adults, kids, dogs, and whatever you might be packing. Porsche is not necessarily the most family friendly when it comes to their 911 lineup with having only 2-door entry and the engine in the rear of the vehicle leaves only a small amount of space under the fontal hood to store and hold maybe your luggage or groceries. Where the Carrera absolutely shines is in the performance department and fuel economy. While the BMW gets 17MPG/23MPG City/Highway, the Carrera comes in at 22MPG/28MPG City/Highway. What’s better than a luxury car and feel that has great fuel economy to back it up. Performance for these 2 is very close to with the BMW being ever so slightly higher in HP and Torque.

The Carrera drives like an absolute dream with great grip and amazing handling capabilities on and off a track. Porsche also comes in as one of the top brands for tech innovation on the market today. BMW trails slightly behind in that department. Although these models are different in design and intended purpose, they are both amazing cars and fun to drive.

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