November 18th, 2020 by

Join us at Porsche Tacoma to highlight the Porsche Carrera GT. These top five highlights are brought to you by Porsche and its desire to obtain excellence. This two door sports car is one of the most sought after model on the Porsche roster. This sports car is where power meets newest of new technology. As far as its original concept- it was configured to compete against “Le Mans” racing cars and had since been redesigned for quality results as a road super car making this a forever favorite for those drivers who like to live on the edge. So, let’s get started. Here are 5 reasons why we all love the Porsche Carrera GT. Starting at number 5 we have:
Aerodynamics- the Aerodynamics of the Carrera GT is what truly makes the sport car stand out. The airflow generates a great deal of force as well as an air condition system that provides a stable drive at high speeds. It also has an automatic rear wing that lifts at speeds faster than 75mph.
Chassis Construction- the Porsche GT is one of the first consumer vehicles that offers a monocoque chassis that is made mostly of carbon fiber polymers. It also has an elongated rear that is vented to cover the engine for more efficiency.
Design- It is no secret that we love the luxury sporty look of Porsche vehicles… Yet, the Carrera GT goes to great lengths to be dramatically unique. Each wheel is color coordinated for effect and have central locks intertwined. It’s simple yet elegant interior is made for drivers to get the full Porsche experience all the while focusing on its riveting performance. There are now bucket seats that pays tribute to its sister models, the Porsche 917.
Performance- the 5.7L V10 engine jolts 612 horsepower. And for its speed, it does not disappoint. It can get up to 60mph in as little as 3.9 seconds with a max speed of 205mph. It comes with a 6 gear manual transmission made for motorsports.
Sound- the sound that lies within the Carrera is as powerful as one would hope. You can hear this car coming from a mile away, to make quite the entrance.
Come on down to Porsche Tacoma to see for yourself just what we are talking about. Our dealership is equipped to help with all of your Porsche needs from sales, to service, to parts. Stop in today!